The Guides in Holding Vintage Wedding Theme

Have you planned your wedding from the biggest to smallest thing? If so, you don’t need to do more effort but if you are still need some guides, this article can be a precious source. We will give you some guides to present you wedding theme in beautiful and attractive appearance and impression. It comes from vintage wedding theme to make your wedding more charming. We will make you know the process of applying vintage wedding theme model in your wedding.

vintage wedding theme

vintage wedding theme

Vintage Wedding Theme with Pink Style

Have you get an illustration of what we will tell you? Specifically, there is pink vintage wedding theme which will not be a mistake to try. Pretty pinks and vintage touch are lovable ones which should exist in every special day. To help realizing this vintage wedding theme, decorating the wedding venue by using flowers, birdcages, and bunting can be the perfect process before it is ready. Before stepping further, there are the proposal and groom’s and bride’s outfits to know and you will get them in the next paragraph.

For the proposal, special and big moment like Valentine day is the best time for proposing that you will marry her. Since it will take vintage wedding theme, you can suit your brides’ outfit in Rosetta Nicolini type of gown. You can find it in Berketex Bride, Nottingham. It is actually featured with satin bodice and also there us chiffon overlaying the skirt with sparkles and lace. As the addition of your appearance, an accessory like feather headband with vintage style can be used.

After thinking of what are recommended before, the consideration of groom’s outfit is also important for vintage wedding theme. In this case, you can use the jacket of Prince Edward then adjusting your trousers with the existence of handkerchief and olive cravat. Don’t forget also to suit your appearance with waist coat from an ivory which can be got from Slaters Menswer. By using such accessory you will look very handsome and feel confidence to marry her.

After some points above are completed, additionally, bridesmaids play important role also in vintage wedding theme. They are usually taken from little girl so you can give your nieces and your friend’s daughter the significant position. For the bridesmaids appearance ivory dress with vintage style are the exact dress for them. Of course, the appearance of pink can be emphasized in the rose sash so the sensation of pink vintage style wedding can be bolder.


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vintage wedding theme