Crucial Tips for Bridesmaid

Bridesmaid should notice her look so they can balance the wedding concept. Concerning to this idea, we write some crucial tips for bridesmaid that are useful. Besides is noticing the dress designs, bridesmaid should complete their appearance with beautiful accessories. Then, this is also important to notice the styles of the wedding concept too.

Tips for Bridesmaid

Before choosing the dress styles and colors for bridesmaid, bride should make sure that you tell the bridesmaid-to-be the date of your wedding day. This is extremely important so you can make sure whether they free or not. Further, if the bridesmaids are busy, then you are able to find the other women and ask them to be your bridesmaid. For making sure about this, you might be able to invite them every evening for having a cup of tea with you.

Then, the next step you can do is looking for the things you need for bridesmaid. For instance, you have to look for the dresses that are appropriate to your wedding concept especially the color and motif. After that, you are able to purchase the suitable and comfortable shoes for bridesmaid. Do not forget for the accessories for this is able to enhance the beauty of their look. Importantly, this can be able to dazzle your wedding reception because of their beautiful costumes.

Besides is thinking of them, you have to notice your budget you use to purchase for bridesmaid. Instead, you have to know your budget range. Avoid spending extra budget for bridesmaid for there is much equipment you need to purchase and pay for. This bridesmaid idea could be highly interesting if you think of the bridesmaid’s hairstyles. For sure, their hairstyles will dazzle their look and of course it makes your bridesmaid look as beautiful as sophisticated.

For the bridesmaid dress styles, it should be appropriated with their body shape. Also, give some advices for their best look. The more details for bridesmaid are their nails and attitude. They have to be nice for everyone comes to your wedding day. The more interesting and useful tips are visualized through the pictures. More than that, it eases you to get more inspirations for the bridesmaid. Interestingly, you can style the bridesmaid as seen in the pictures. Finally, you can tell the bridesmaid to take care of their health so they will be fit in the day of your wedding. Have a great wedding party!


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Do It Yourself Bridal Bouquet

Bridal bouquet is the center of attention in any of wedding ceremony. It will make your wedding photo perfect. You will look stunning while walking down the aisle with a bride bouquet in your hand. Although it may a bit scattered when you throw it to the guest later, surely a beautiful arrangement is still needed. The recent trend is with looser shapes with pair of roses or peonies and smaller flowers like nigella with lot of leaves still on it. It will make a classic soft and natural color for your special day.

Personal Touch on Wedding Bouquet for a Memorable Moment

If you want a rather different and unique touch in your bridal bouquet add scabosa pods, fern curls, or any other. This kind of bouquet for wedding will be a perfect match for simple dress. You can also give a try of shocking color like hot pinks or oranges to give fun and party feeling more alive.

A classic monochromatic ivory bridal bouquet is another choice. It will be never out of date. You can use Gardenia, lily, or orchids with the addition of rosemary, Magnolia leaf, or ivy. Make it simple and it will look wonderful. Be sure to match it with the dress. A colorful bouquet goes well with a plain dress, and a simple bouquet for detailed dress. Keep in mind also that your bouquet must be comfortable and easy to hold. It should go well also with your body shape height.

The season is another consideration on your bridal bouquet, or you will find it hard to find the flower that you want. If you want to add personal on your wedding bouquet, surely this article will help. It will show you on how to make your own arrangements. Besides of the flower, stuffs that you should prepare are stem wrap tape, some floral wire to support weaker stems, and a bouquet collar if you need one.

The first thing that you must do in bridal bouquet arrangement is to make the flowers last long by soak them in a preservative solution for several hours. Then, wrap the wire around the stems loosely and spirally. After that, cut the stems before wrapping it with the tape. Do it by around the top of the wire and press it. Then, turn the stems and pull the tape in a downward angle. Be careful to leave no gaps. The next step is put glue the end of the ribbon about 1″ from the stems’ bottom. Pull the ribbon from the bottom and up the stems. Put the glue at the top also when you want to add tails, and cut any extra ribbon. You can put it in the refrigerator or keep it in the water until the ceremony. And, better to make it in the morning just before the wedding, or the night before if you don’t have time. You always can consult the florist for the best result.


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How to Bake a Cake

When you want to hold a birthday party, you should do some preparations such as choosing the birthday clothes, decorating the living room, and making a cake. Cake becomes a must in a birthday party because it symbolizes the birthday. In making a cake, you have to know how to make it. One of the most difficult processes in making a cake is the process of baking a cake. In fact, many people make mistakes so that the cake becomes burnt and not tasty. So, you have to understand how to bake a cake well.

Baking a Cake by Oven

There are two ways to bake a cake. The first way is by oven. This is the most common way because it is very practical and simple. Oven is basically made for baking any bread including a cake. So, people prefer baking the cake by oven to baking the cake by other tools.

Cake baking will affect the taste whether it will be nice or not. So, it should be careful. There are many things that you have to pay attention if you do not want to make mistakes. Firstly, you have to avoid checking the oven just to know whether the cake is cooked. However it makes the cake partially cooked and hard. Before you bake a cake, you should warm it up to 200 degree Celsius. Then, you should also keep a distance the butter from the oven because it can cause the butter melted before it is booked.

Baking a Cake without Oven

Cooking a cake can also be done without oven. However, you should prepare some tools that are needed such as flat Teflon wok, rice steamer, and pan lid. Put the rice steamer on the flat Teflon wok and the pan lid on the top. The process is same. Before you bake a cake, you have to warm it up for about fifteen up to twenty minutes. After being warmed, then put the butter into it. That is so easy, is not that?

After you know the way how to cook a cake, there is no reason for you to make mistakes again. So, if you do not have an oven at home, you will still be able to bake a cake. Now, it is your turn to practice it. So, you can make a cake by yourself at home for your birthday party.


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