Catering Services and Some Suggestions for Choosing the Best One

The Catering Services are needed as the part of supporting aspects for a wedding ceremony or a party. Without the great service of catering, the wedding ceremony or the party can be the imperfect one. It actually becomes one task of an event organizer to choose the appropriate type of catering to get the perfect service too. One benefit of modern era is that nowadays so many offerings about catering can be found easily around.

Because of that, the next task is waiting for you and that is comparing some offerings about Catering Services and choosing one of them that is the appropriate one for your ceremony or your party. That actually must be done based on careful consideration since it is possible too that the offerings offered for you are too much to be chosen. Some suggestions then will be needed for guiding you to find the perfect one.

Some Suggestions for choosing the Perfect Service

The first suggestion must be done is that you must look for the service only from the famous catering business. The famous one always offers the better guarantee about its service. You can get the perfect Catering Services from the famous one. It can be easy for you to find it as long as there is a famous one in your location. However, that can be hard when you find that there is not famous one around. You must look for the best one by using other measures.

The other measure for valuing the catering service is by looking into its offering. The great Catering Services include the transportation as a package with the price offered. That can give you the benefit relating to the budget must be prepared. Because of that, it can be a no problem even if the place of the catering source is so far from your location because that does not need the additional budget. Through this way, you also can get the reduction of your budget for catering too.

Then the last thing to be considered too relating to the Catering Services is the aspect of the menu. The perfect service relating to catering always offers two kinds of menu. The first is the menu of consumption and the second is the menu for a decoration. Some menus are possible to be presented in an artistic style for supporting the theme and the decoration of the wedding and the party moment. It will be better for you to choose the offering with these two kinds of menus.


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Catering Services

Why Add Cake Stand to Your Wedding Cake?

If you already choose the size of your wedding cake, you will need for a cake stand. It will make your already elegant cake more luxurious. It also makes smaller cakes look bigger. You can get a stand for cake by rent or buy one. So, here are some considerations in choosing one. First of all you must choose the same size or bigger than the bottom tier of the cake. The cake board and cake stand also better in the same size.

Next, make sure the top plate is flat. Then, you can test your cake stand by stacking books that have same weight as your cake. After all the technical things, you may want to consider the color. You can choose a bold color like hot pink, black, silver or classic white. In choose standing tool for cake will depend on your style and theme that you would like on your cake. You can always ask for consultation with your baker, if you still doubt about your choices.

Do It Yourself Cake Stand, Why Not?

We already have the recipe for a homemade wedding cake. If you are DIY type, why not also make your own cake stand? Surely it will give you more unique and memorable wedding because of your personal touch. It can show of your style and character. Here the article will give the instruction on how to make wedding cake or cookies stand. You will need some plates, base to hold the plates and some other stuff like E6000 glue.

Here we only make for three-tier cake stand, so we need three plates in various sizes. Next is a candle pillar base, lamp base, or anything sturdy enough. Make sure the surfaces that will be attached together are clean and dry. You can use some sand paper and glue it with E6000. After drying it, you can test it by holding it upside down. And press the plate as if to try to make it fall from the base. Repeat the process for the other tiers.

To clean your cake stand, use a damp cloth after use, and don’t put in the dishwasher. You can also add beads or crystals to the edge of the plates for decoration. Lightly sand the edge and hot glue the beads to the edge. You can use E6000, but it will dry in a very long time. After read this article, hopefully you will choose the right option on whether you will buy, rent, or make your own stand.


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